#AuratMarch2019: Women of all ages, Khawajasarra and men from all sorts of backgrounds for ‘Equality’


Thousands of women rally across several cities to demand more safety and better working conditions.

Thousands of women from a cross-section of society are rallying in cities across Pakistan as part of the “aurat march” (women’s march) to mark the International Women’s Day.

“I am here to march for the person I used to be, the person who was victimised by patriarchy,” said Ghousia Ahmed who attended the Karachi march, along with nearly 1,000 women.

“I’m here for all the women who didn’t survive. I hope this is something we can keep doing, if there was a time we needed to march, it’s right now.”

The “aurat march” was first launched in the southern port city of Karachi last year when a group of women decided to expand the feminist movement beyond the upper-class of the society. Here are some ‘jackass’ posters from the event:


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