Apni Shadi Say Bhagna Ho…


There was a time in our society, when at the time of marriage finalization – a female’s silence meant to be “YES”. Though, I’m not a supporter of that coercive action as well – where a girl (who however has to spend the life) can’t even express her opinion about her marriage. Stimulus of this article is “Apni Shadi Se Bhagna Ho Tou Careem Bike Karo!”

First of all, I would say local government should be given the responsibility of keeping an eye on what’s being publicized via Billboards, Local Radio and Local Cable Network Channels. A committee should be constituted under the Deputy Commission consist of Scholars of all sectarian groups, Civil Society Members, Members of other religions depending on their strength in the city. That committee should look into these kinds of things and should have power to remove and ban upper-mentioned local media channels. Unfortunately, no authority is there to keep an check on these locally very effective media sources. Cable channels gives ads which are in simple and straight forward words “Below the belt” even a so called secular can’t watch that ad being with his kids. A number of billboards are there which are even sometimes sexually exploitative but no one is there to bring their advertisers to book.

Few years back, at the time of Raheel Sharif’s retirement – Faisalabadi found a number of small flexes on various telephone and electricity towers which read as “KHUDA K LIYE, Jaanay Ki Baatain Jaanay Do”. As this thing become an issue of public interest via media, Punjab Police arrested Mr. Kamran (Chairman of Move On Pakistan) – the sole sponsor of these ads but no action has been taken against him. The proceedings of his case are – Arrested, Presented to Court, Court Room found Locked, Police took him back Police Station and case go, went, gone.

The reason of writing upper whole story is, when we don’t take befitting action against wrongdoers – the wrong doing turn into a habit.

Now let’s analyze the “use of Careem for escaping the marriage” with FEMALE Performer in the Ad. It’s actually the concatenation of #AuratMarch. Because, we absorbed it and swallowed the bitter on national level. Our government should have dealt with the things in a different way. Minister of Religious affairs should issue a statement which should highlight the value Islam giving to the females and should condemn the nasty posters those females were holding. Having very fewer knowledge of Islam, I can encounter each and every poster those females were holding with robust arguments from Islam and World in comparison to what they’re looking for and what they’re loosing.

Look into the bridal costume of female, which depicts the ad is goading to leave home right at the time of marriage ceremony – how sordid it would be for a family and the parents. This could be far far better if Careem had started an awareness campaign as “Learn to Say NO, to marriage proposal”. This could help to suppress the ferocious tradition of compelling the girls to listen YES! from them to any proposal her parents brings, regardless of what she likes.

Campaigns have been launched to give Single Star the Careem App on Play & App store to reduce its rating but these are the things which we can do. On government level, a forceful action should be taken against Careem and should be fined as well. Otherwise, in future we should expect ads like “Date Pay Jaany Kay Liye Careem Bike” and (with apologies) “Rooms Booking Chorro Or Careem Dancing Car Book Krwao”. Our institution must look into this ad and should nip the evil in bud and if we still spare them, it’ll cause an irreparable loss to our Social Fabric.

Females of west now being used as Pet and they attained this level of dignity by taking part into the campaigns i.e #MeToo, #TimeUp, #WhyIDidntReport, #IamNastyWoman and #EffYourBeautyStandards. Using female as pet will obviously astound a number of our reader but you should Google it as “Pet Girlfriend” for ratification.

We also have to in order our own house, because it’s not only the Careem Ad, PSL Dancing Girls and the Females of Aurat March that can be harmful to our Social Fabric. Be noted… When a female is sexually or physically exploited – it’s going to harm our culture more than Careem Ad. When a four year old girl is raped – it’s more startling than a dancing girl. When we use the relations of Mother & Sister to call each other’s names – its more damaging to our civilization than a female wearing shorts. When our obnoxious males try to look into the female breasts and start itching between his legs as a female enters the street – it’s what making our female insecure more than that of #AuratMarch.

Writer: Muhammad Asim Akbar


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