A Pakistani did a heroic action to stop the shooter in Christchurch mosque


A Pakistani based in New Zealand did a heroic action to save his fellow men during the brutal shooting in the mosque.

Many eye witnesses told that he tried to stop the gunman from shooting and put his life in danger.

Naeem Rashid, originally from Abbottabad in Pakistan, and his son also died in the brutal shooting.

The victim’s brother, Dr Khursheed, told Pakistan news that his sibling and nephew were both killed in the shootings.

Mr Rashid had been working in Christchurch as a teacher.

A survivor earlier told the NZ Herald how another man had heroically pounced on the gunman.

“The young guy who usually takes care of the mosque … he saw an opportunity and pounced [on the gunman] and took his gun,” Syed Mazharuddin said.

“The hero tried to chase and he couldn’t find the trigger in the gun … he ran behind him but there were people waiting for him in the car and he fled.”


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