YouTube has become Pakistan’s most popular online video Platform just in few years after its comeback


YouTube can do wonders when it comes to digital marketing and business. The website came back in Pakistan a few years ago but it has already made a successful position in Pakistani digital business and marketing.

In order to spread awareness about YouTube and celebrate its success in Pakistan, a YouTube Profiling Study with Kantar TNS was conducted

To help marketers understand Pakistan’s video-viewing behaviour, this research was conducted on YouTube Profiling Study with Kantar TNS. “Our YouTube profiling research shows that although YouTube only became available again in Pakistan a couple of years ago, it’s already established itself as the favourite online video destination of the country,” said Matt Beal, senior consultant at Kantar TNS.

According to the research, there were few findings that came out in front. When it comes to online video, YouTube is top of mind in Pakistan.
YouTube has a stronger reach and more users in Pakistan than ever before. Here are key stats highlighting Pakistanis’ active engagement on the platform.

YouTube is where Pakistanis come to watch diverse, high-quality content. YouTube has more than 650 Pakistan-based channels with 100,000 or more subscribers — up from just eight in 2016.

The top eight content categories on YouTube in Pakistan are
News/Talk Shows

YouTube has become an essential part of the consumer path to purchase in Pakistan. More and more consumers in Pakistan are turning to YouTube to research, compare, and talk about products and services before making a purchase. For businesses to succeed, they need to be where consumers are in the moments that matter.

Quick tips for marketers

Be there: YouTube is the prefered online video destination for consumers in Pakistan. Without a presence on YouTube, brands are missing the
chance to connect with consumers in an immersive and interactive way.

Be balanced: Research shows most consumers watch TV and YouTube content at the same time. So instead of thinking of your video spend as an
either-or split, shift toward a digital budget that complements your TV strategy.

Be relevant: Smart, relevant messaging with a strong call to action at the right time can influence consumer decisions and behaviour.


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