Pakistani actors and celebrities have standing stance against war.


In the wake of post Pulwama attack, the situation between the two countries is becoming more and more intense. Nationalist mindset is talking about war and allegations on both sides.

However it is high time everyone needs to realize that there came nothing out of war in 70 years and peace is the key.

In this regard many artists, activists and celebrities are talking about peace between the two nations.

Fatima Bhutto recently tweeted, “There is nothing uglier than people cheering for war.”

To this very famous actor from Pakistani Mahira Khan replied “Nothing uglier. Nothing more ignorant than cheering for war. May sense prevail.. Pakistan zindabad.”

Hadiqa Kiani a Pakistani singer, songwriter, and philanthropist in her tweets has stressed on the word peace.


In her first tweet she says that there is nothing exciting about war, one should think that we are humans and what the effects of war will do.

She emphasises on the need for peace saying we need to grow not regress it is human lives that are being talked about.


In her second tweet Hadiqa says that she has a 20 year career exclusively from her Pakistani songs.

She says she has nothing to gain nor is she on India’s payroll but all that matters right now is peace and understanding .

She says that no human life worth losing and we should all just focus on peace.

In light of the present situation between India and Pakistan, lauded actor Armeena Rana Khan has stepped forward condemning Bollywood celebrities for ‘glorifying war.’

The Jaanan starlet turned to Twitter to express her rage over the rising tensions between the two countries and calling out celebrities on the other side of the border for rooting for war and venerating it instead of promoting a tranquilizing peacemaking outlook.

“I’m watching some of these Bollywood accounts in dismay, glorifying war. People should take note: In the future, these particular individuals shouldn’t be allowed to preach peace to the world. Artists are supposed to be sane, pacifying voices,” she stated.

“I’ve seen what war can do. Trust me, you will not want it once you see just how bloody and scary it can be. Nobody wins a war; humanity loses,” she added further.

She continued saying: “The last few days have been very heavy on my heart. All around me is war, carnage, blood, hatred and division. Where did humanity go wrong? May the Creator deliver these power hungry monsters to hell and rid us of their evil.”

For all the wonderful keyboard warriors out there. kindly do not drag mothers and sisters into your disgusting brawls. You swear at someone’s mom then they’ll swear at yours out of retaliation. so much fun having your parents abused in public. For what?” she stated ending her Twitter thread.




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