New Ad for Conservation of Natural Gas is Really Engaging


Pakistan is a country rich in mineral resources but it is very unlucky to be taken for granted by the people. We have large reservations of gas and we can produce a large amount of electricity as well but because of the bad policies since the creation of Pakistan, it is going towards crises of natural resources. A few years back we had a large amount of gas and there was not a shortage of gas except in the areas where there were no gas pipelines.

Within few years gas load shedding has become one of the major energy crisis in Pakistan. The reason is not only the neglect-ion and ignorance in government policies but also how we as a nation take our energy resources for granted.

Recently an awareness campaign has started to teach people about the conservation of Gas SNGPL.

For this purpose, the famous Samia Mumtaz has become the part of this campaign. In this TVC commercial, she is giving awareness lesson to children in a school for saving gas. She has not just advised them to save it but also told the ways in which they can conserve the natural gas.

Samia Mumtaz is famous for being the part of awareness campaigns and social work. She is also an amazing actress. A few years back she became famous for her exceptional role in drama serial Udaari which is still celebrated and appreciated.

Such TV commercials are very influential and cause a lot of awareness among people. In this TV commercial that is launched by SNGPL has adopted a very good and effective approach to pull the maximum attention of their customer in a very light way.

In the other TVC, which is in 3D animated commercial, there is a character named ‘Mr. Gas’ which has given precautions about the use of gas at homes and also told that the use of compressors at home can not only result in cutting the connection but also very dangerous for your life.

We talked to a number of people about this Anti-Compressor TV commercial and they gave a very positive response towards it. According to a man who was reportedly using the compressor in the past, after watching this commercial he left the use of it.

“I came to know that this is dangerous for our lives and also an injustice to the rights of your neighbours ” he shared

Another one said that ” It is our national and moral obligation to save our natural energy resources”


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