EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW OF SYED NOOR: Filmakers need to work hard for good scripts


Recently, Editor-in-Chief Mediabites, Imran Malik conducted an Exclsuive interview with famous filmmaker Syed Noor in which he shared his views about the current situation of Pakistan’s Film Industry.

Imran Malik: What would you like to say about current situation of Film industry?
Syed Noor: I would like to say that I am very happy that at least films are under production now because Pakistan Film Industry has also seen the times when films were even produced. Not only in Karachi but also in Lahore and Islamabad now films are being produced. I think we should not go deep into the question of the number of films that are being made but we should be now happy that they are being produced and making good business. The trend has given us a lot of hope for the times when our films will be known on international level.
It doesn’t really matter for the time being that what kind of content is shown in those films because what is important right now the coming back of the trend of making of the films in Pakistan.

IM: Pakistani film industry is not making very significant business, what would you like to say to filmmakers in Pakistan?
SN: I will advice them to put their focus on the content they are producing. This is high time they should start  hard work in the field of script writing. Make the story line more relative and original. The good thing is that we have young as well as senior filmmakers in our industry who are making good films and earning enough to meet the expenditure at least. There are only few film that faced failure but most of the films are earning good because of the new cineplexes and cinemas.
IM: When did you enter in to the film industry?
SN: I became the part of our film industry in 1970 and worked with the famous director S.Suleman for the first time a an assistant. It was the time when JawaId Fazal, who is also a famous director, was also his assistant. I was the 9th assistant of S.Suleman and Jawed Fazal was the third one. After few years I became  chief assistant director.
IM: Which is the most favourite film of yours?

SN: My favrouite movie from Pakistan is Shaheed (1962), in bollywood Mother India (1957) and in Hollywood The collector (2009) is my favourite movie.
IM: Which is your favourite movie among those you directed?
SN: Dahleez (1986), Churiyan (1998) and Majajan (2006) are my most favourite movies.
IM: Which is most important thing, in your view,that makes a movie successful?
SN: I would say a gunine script, a good story line is the only thing that makes the movie well liked. If you put 70 to 80 percent of your focus on script writing the movie will become a blockbuster. What makes a movie a flop is the palagerised content or not well thought script writing. DOP and locations will not matter if your content is not up to the mark. Our filmmakers need to understand the difference between the technique of drama production and film production. We have producers and directors who have great command on shooting and direction but they should now focus on the content as well. Real art lies in the making of an attractive storyline. Our filmmakers who have joined film industry after working in the drama industry for long also need to understand the technique and difference of requirement between drama and a film.
IM: When will you get retired from Film Industry? You still look young and healthy, what is your secret?
SN: I am 67 years old. Good thinking, simple diet and less crowed. These are habits that keep me going.

IM: What is the reason behind the failure of your last film “Chain aye Na”?
SN: It was my first experience with this particular genre. The script and storyline was quite good but the marketing didn’t meet the requirement of new trend of Cineplexes. A flop film is the one that people watch and then reject but in case of this movie, the advertisers didn’t  performed very well and people didn’t came to watch the movie. A film becomes 50% successful because of marketing, so I don’t agree with the romours of the failure of the film. I was in Bangkok when the movie was released so it was also a drawback.

IM: Which is your next project you’re working on?
SN: Let me quote here and incident. Few days back I went to see Maulana Tariq Jameel as he was very ill, he asked me that what do I do apart from making films and I told him that just like he is good at doing Tableegh similarly I am only good at making films and I will keep making films upon which he laughed a lot.


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