An Australian python takes a 9,000 miles flight in a woman’s shoe.


A Scottish woman was travelling from Australia in a plane and she survived a 9,000 miles flight with a snake in her shoes. She was in awe when she knew discovered an alive snake in her suitcase after travelling from Queensland to Glasgow on Thursday.

The snake took shelter in a shoe and its skin was also found in the shoe during a long flight. This incident reminds us of a movie 2006 cult film “Snakes on a Plane,”. In this movie,  Samuel L. Jackson plays a role of an FBI agent who deals with a full crate of deadly snakes in a flight.

Instead of calling the actor to seek help, the woman called an animal organization which took the snake in its custody. Now, snake is in quarantine at an animal rescue and re-homing centre in Edinburgh.

This is not the first incident of its kind. There are few other snakes before who skipped the security checks and made their way to the plane and once for the same reason a flight was forced an emergency landing.


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