Why SAAMA TV is firing Sanam Baloch?


Morning shows are something so important as they aid a lot in the shaping the thought process of society. We have seen the same kind of content being displayed in the last 10 years, most of the topics are related to fashion and wedding ceremonies. Most of the audience for these shows are housewives, who after getting free from their morning chores watch these morning shows.

If we go a decade back we can easily find morning shows that are really informative and the topics of discussion were mostly related to social and health issues. The guest were mostly the intellectuals, doctors and specialist who used to talk about the issues of common people.

This kind of glamourous shows can catch viewers’ attention for not very long. The ratings are going down, the most famous hosts Nadia Khan and Shaista Wahidi have already left the shows. And there is a great need to break the monotony in others as well like Nida Yasir’s morning show.

In comparison, the shows on Geo news are better content wise. Saama TV has also decided to opt for shows like that on Geo TV. Sources have told that Saama TV has decided to close Sanam Baloch’s show and also hire a new host as they thought that Sanam Baloch is only suitable for certain kind of hosting.

Some sources also told that there is a possibility of hiring people from Geo’s morning show. For this purpose, a lot of meetups are arranged in Karachi in which official and strategist of SAAMA TV are making plans for their upcoming shows.

The shift in the content of morning shows from being glamorous to more intellectual in a good decision as we need to learn from these shows that what is most marketed among common people. This also represents and shape not just thought process but also represents in which direction our economy is going.


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