BIG WIN: Supreme Court orders to arrest top lawyer’s son Shah Hussain in Khadija stabbing case

  • Siddiqui was attacked by her classmate, Shah Hussain, in May 2016 near Shimla Hill in Lahore
  • LHC acquitted Hussain in June last year
  • Want to see if high court’s decision of Hussain’s acquittal was based on evidence, says top judge

The Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Asif Saeed Khosa on Wednesday completed the hearing of Khadija’s appeal against the acquittal of her attacker, Shah Hussain, and reinstated the initial punishment of seven years in prison while nullifying the decision by the Lahore High Court (LHC) to acquit the accused.

Siddiqui’s lawyers Hassaan Niazi took it to Twitter to express his delight over the verdict.

A three-member Supreme Court (SC) bench, headed by newly sworn-in CJP, heard the case against the acquittal of Siddiqui’s attacker and classmate Shah Hussain last year in June.

The 24-year-old Khadija Siddiqui, a law student, was stabbed 23 times by her classmate, Shah Hussain, in May 2016 near Shimla Hill in Lahore when she went to pick up her younger sister from school. Hussain, who was accused by Siddiqui, was acquitted by LHC last year in June. Following the verdict, Siddiqui appealed against the decision in the SC.

On January 18, newly sworn-in CJP announced to hear the appeal on January 23.

As the proceeding started on Wednesday, the top judge inquired ” if the defendant [Hussain] was present [in the court]”. To which, he was told that “[yes] he is”.

CJP further remarked that “the top court intends to see if the decision [of Hussain’s acquittal] by the high court was based on the evidence presented [or not]”.

Siddiqui’s lawyer Hassaan Niazi pleaded that “the high court did not take a [complete] look at the case evidence presented [to come to a conclusion]”.

Khadija identified her attacker five days after the incident and, subsequently, got him booked on charges of attempted murder. Just when both the sisters were about to get in their car, Hussain attacked Siddiqui and stabbed her multiple times with a knife. Upon the intervention of her driver, Hussain left Siddiqui in a critical condition and fled the crime scene. An eyewitness of the incident, however, managed to capture the attacker on his phone.

Khadija, who is currently studying in the United Kingdom, landed in Islamabad on Tuesday to attend the hearing.

Speaking to a local media outlet before her departure, Khadija said that, “I am glad that the new CJP fixed my case for hearing.”

“I have complete faith in our [Pakistani] judiciary and I hope that justice will be served,” she added.

Addressing the media after the verdict, she expressed her gratitude to all those who helped her throughout the trial, saying justice was made possible only because of people who stood by her through thick and thin.

She added that “it was a big test for her but she was successful in the end as her attacker can now never forget that life and death rest in Allah’s hands”.


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