Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi a new movie a new controversy


Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi, Kangana Ranaut’s new film came out with a new controversy. As always Kangana Ranaut has proved to be the queen when it comes to unconventional characters. In her latest movie, she proved herself once again where she has performed as Manikarnika.

But as soon as the movie got limelight it also went through a lot of controversies when Ranaut claimed that she has played role in the direction of the film along with director Krish. The other star of the movie Sonu Sood left the movie in the middle. To cover this a large part of the movie had to be redirected. According to sources the withdrawal of Sonu Sood from the movie was also because of a tiff with Kangana Ranaut.

The director Krish claimed that Kangana has been taking undue credit for directing the film which Krish left after its near completion and a fight scene featuring Sonu has been released, which was edited out from the final movie. Kangana’s sister Rangoli Chandel has reacted to these allegations on Twitter and vehemently denied Krish’s claims.


She tweeted, “I have spoken to Kangana and on her behalf I am officially declaring Kangana shot 70 percent of the film ( drama and action) with her primary DOP Kiran Deohans ,2nd DOP Sachin K Krishn and took 100 % final calls on edit with Rameshwar who Krish never met in his life.” She further said, “And even current post team doesn’t know Krish….. they have been brought on board by Kangna ….she single-handedly delivered first copy her producer was unwell ….if Krish can prove otherwise she will apologise and take her name back. all the data is stored with clapboard and tacticians name … and we announce Krish to have full access to it … please go ahead with the proceedings. Send your person to Kairos office right away I will coordinate and make sure they get access to the data, please note we are only talking about what is retained in the film cos it’s true krish shot 7 hours footage for two years and went over budget and when the studio head saw what was shot he refused to give his logo to that film … team ( writers) requested Kangana to take charge of the situation and the studio reimbursed more money.”

However, earlier the producer also gave statement on the matter of Kangana Directing the film, he said, “After the last schedule was over, we saw the lineup of the film. On seeing it, we decided that apart from the patchwork, we also needed a few additional scenes. Once the scenes were written, we approached Kangana for additional dates. But Krish had moved on to his next project by then. Given how driven and creatively involved Kangana Ranaut has been on this project since its inception, we realised that she would be the best person to take over the mantle. Hence, there is no hijacking of the project and whatever decisions are being taken are with the full support of the producer and the studio.”


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