GOOD INITIATIVE: SHO’s presence at Police Stations will be ‘Compulsory’, monitored by CCTV cameras


On 17th January 2019 a letter is issued by Zulfiqar Hameed, The Deputy Inspector General of Police, Information Technology Punjab, CPO, Lahore to The Capital City Police officer, Lahore, All Regional Police officers in Punjab and All District Police officers.

In this letter the order for the installation of CCTV in offices of SHOs for monitoring their presence in public hours is given. The purpose of this step is to ensure the practice of attending the public at large for at least two hours in their offices at declared hours. The installation of CCTV cameras will help to monitor the presence of SHOs in those two hours. However, the monitoring will be done online.

In this letter the timings that are approved by Inspector General is 3:00pm to 5:00pm in winters and 4:00pm to 6:00pm in summers.

“For the purpose of online monitoring and insuring the presence of SHOs, CCTV should be installed in their offices. These will be made active only during these two hours”

The Inspector general, Zulfiqar Hameed has also mentioned in the letter that CCTV camera are already operation in the front desk of all the Police Stations of Punjab. Those cameras can be further utilized for this purpose as well.

“Normally, the DVRs for CCTVs have four ports for four cameras however, only one port of the DVR is in use in most of the Police Stations. The other ports are free and can be used for one more camera. The cost of normal CCTV camera of 1 MP (1 mega pixel) is around Rs 1250 and cost of 2 MP is Rs1850. The new camera in the room of SHO can be dovetailed in the already existing system of monitoring of front desk by creating a new group of SHOs for their effective monitoring.”

This is a great step and will not cost so much as already installed technology will be used. Because of online monitoring the Police sector will become more efficient and gain more confidence of the people. The availability of police to common people will help them to resolve their matters, this step will help especially those people who are the victim of nepotism in Police Stations.

IG has ordered to install the cameras and start this monitoring system in all SHOs offices of Punjab by 1st February 2019 without fail


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