Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Dandekar are planning to get married?


Actor, writer and filmmaker, Farhan Akhtar is reportedly dating very beautiful Shibani Dandekar. A few days back their relationship came under the spotlight when they posted a picture together chilling in the pool on Instagram.

The caption made it quite clear that the couple is having a great time together and they don’t hesitate to make it official that they are dating.

Farhan Akhtar posted on his Instagram with the caption “As long as I have you, as long as you are, I’ll never be lost. Shine on beautiful star, Shibani Dandekar, love you loads,”

The fans must be happy for the couple as they got 3 lac likes on Instagram and much appreciation and wishes.

Farhan Akhtar posted another picture along with his friends and his girlfriend under the caption ” Perfect weekend “. He seemed to enjoy his perfectly romantic and joyous weekend along with his friends and love.


On his 45th birthday, Shibani Dandekar shared a picture and posted “Because he has the coolest tattoo in the world and because it’s his birthday! Happy birthday my sweet grumps, love you loads,” to which Farhan Akhtar replied “love you Shibani” in the comment.

The couple started posting about their relationship after the rumours of them getting married came on media and much under discussion.

Some sources revealed that the couple has planned to get married in April 2019.

When Shibani was asked that how public scrutiny impacts her personal life, she told news agency IANS, “I think it depends upon the individual and how you take it. There are some people that get really affected by it, there are some people that don’t really care much.”

“I think, when you are working in a public space, there needs to be a certain level of understanding that you need to have — that your life is out there for the world to see. So, you have got to deal with it, to the best of your abilities. It’s not always going to be easy,” she added.


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