Express News and BOL banned by National Press club, Islamabad?


National Press club is nit allowing Express-News, and BOL News TV channels to cover events at the club premises.

After the layoff of 30 employees from Daily Express, and non-payment of salaries by BOL, the decision was taken as a response.

President Shakeel Qarar and Secretary Anwar Raza said in a statement on Sunday it is totally unfair of these organizations to layoff their employees as both organizations are making profit.

Express-News is a sister organization of Daily Express and The Express Tribune newspapers.

It is reported that even after the orders of Supreme Court, BOL didn’t pay its employees and didn’t declared the dues of those who gave resignation in frustration.

Express-News and BOL are forbidden to put up their mics at events held outside the press club.

The statement called on the management of Daily Ummat, Nawa-i-Waqt, Khabrain, INP, NNI, and others to pay staff salaries. They also urged Geo to pay off four months of wages to workers.




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