Anticipating New Year Resolutions – 2018 Year in Review


Anticipating New Year Resolutions – 2018 Year in Review

Have you started reading a book in 2018 that will continue in 2019 as well? If you did not, then why not start the New Year on a high note! Buy the bestselling story books at Cheetay to have a fresh perspective towards life. As Oprah says, it is “…another chance to get it right”!

Family – What your world revolves around

Read about the power of love and desire to be unique in A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. You could be in the same place as Meg who feels like a misfit in high school. Her misbehavior usually sends her to the principal’s office. She soon discovers the evil that exists on earth and due to that her desire to conform dies. Finally after mustering up courage, Meg is able to change lives of other characters in the book. After her father leaves and does not contact for a year, she realises that love among the family is needed to overcome challenges in life. Now, if you suddenly miss your family more, then make a resolution for 2019 that you will visit them more often, not neglect what your family does for you and love them as they do to you.

Collectivism and the Millennials

When themes regarding families come up, the concept of collectivism is at its core. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan shows how without family, an individual cannot make life’s important decisions. If the younger generation has made a decision single handedly then an approval is important. Also, a mother is very conservative and protective of her child and for his/her happiness she sacrifices a lot. So, when her child thinks of their own happiness, it is thought of as selfish, cynical and shameful. Sounds familiar? It does if you are one of those Pakistanis who are struggling to live the way you want but family has to be involved in every way. How about playing the emotional card when needed? You can let your mother-in-law win to keep the peace in the house just like Rachel; the American-born potential daughter-in-law in the book does in the book through Mahjong. You can convince her that you might be an outsider but you know family traditions very well!

The Destroyed World

The human mind can be a very ugly place. It has the tendency to help destroy families and habitat. In his book Red Birds, Hanif Mohammed tells the story of war torn area through a teenage child, Momo and his dog, Mutt on US Foreign Policy. Even though the situation is serious, his satirical style makes the atmosphere of the book lighter. The Mutt explains every emotion through smell which further turns into words of wisdom. Real pictures of war are painted in between the comic scenes to show how grave the situation actually is. The most heartening is a grieving mother who carries her dead child on her back and prepares food and clothes for her.

New Resolutions for 2019

Human atrocities cannot be ignored in 2019. To keep world peace, it is better that one negotiates instead of opting to destroy. So, whether it’s dealing with low self-esteem, not having good relations with family, a bad mother-in-law or sitting in a war-torn area, make a resolution to bring change and become wiser.

Happy New Year from to all!


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