If I will be murdered DPO Sahiwal will be responsible: said the officer before being killed


A police officer is brutally murdered today in Sahiwal. According to the evidence that is presented, the officer had been asking for safety from the PM and IG Punjab. In a video, he has clearly said that he and his family is under the threat of being murdered because of the evidence he has against DPO Sahiwal. He also said that the DPO Sahiwal has been threatening him and his family to get the evidence.

He has demanded security from the PM and IG Punjab in his video message but no step is taken and he lost his life in the end.

The officer said that he will not hand over the evidence in wrong hands even if he has to lose his life, he will continue to pay his services.

This murder is a major set back in the current situation for the government and it can bring new challenges as well.

However, the news is becoming viral through social media and whatsapp group. The authenticity of the news will be confirmed later on.


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