Canadian Digital Agency ‘Opus’ restart their operations under leadership of Jawaria Shah


Under the leadership of Jawaria Shah, Canadian based company of digital media named Opus is reintroduced in Pakistan. She is operating as a Director of Operations and marketing. Her experience in the field and command over her work ensures the strategic development of the the digital media market in Pakistan.

With the advancement of technology and innovation in communication media, digital media has become one of the popular medium. Digital media is taking the place of conventional media now.

With the increase the demand of digital media the need of such companies also increased. Some international companies invested in Pakistan but didn’t get remarkable success mainly because of the lack of strategic investments.

Opus has wide range if client dealing, they operate with established businesses, result driven and goal oriented start ups. Because of their diverse vision in digital media marketing they are going to bring advancement in this field which will open ways for other companies to invest in Pakistan as well.


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