‘Khaaki’, a garments brand launches in Kasur


I have attended a variety of different launch events of both local and international brands in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad over the past 18 years. Yesterday, I went to Kasur to witness the launch of a local garments brand ‘Khaaki’. The location selected was one of the busiest roads of Kasur, famous as food street of Kasur.

Local entrepreneur and journalist, Sarang Javed Malik took the initiative to launch an international brand in a small city, in which most people prefer to go to Lahore for garment shopping, which is an hour’s drive away.

Sarang exclaimed that he tried his best to launch an international quality brand in the local market of Kasur, where usually people do not expect high quality brands. They have also set up a special offer of a 20% discount on the entire new collection for the first 5 days after the launch.

The entire top management of ‘Khaaki’ including Amer Aman & Faisal Meer were present on the event and received a great response from the Kasuri crowd. Amer Aman CEO Flash Brands, Javed Malik Bureau Chief Daily Khabrain Kasur, Haji Sardar Alam and Javed Iqbal cut the ribbon to open the franchise officially. People flocked in large numbers to experience quality shopping in their own small city of Kasur for the first time.

Mediabites & team wish all goodluck to Sarang Javed Malik for this new business venture.



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