Telenor outsmarts competitors with ‘Na Daien, Na Baien.. Seedha Telenor 4G par Aayein’


Telenor Pakistan has always led the way with its digital revolutions, but this time around it’s also brought about hoarding revolution! -Making use of its smart ‘positioning’ of a billboard on a very central junction in Rawalpindi, Telenor Pakistan cheekily outsmarted its competitors Zong and Jazz -Using a very swag posed Sohai as the face of the billboard, the communication focuses on subtly dissing the competitor billboards on left and right and asking users to make the right choice of hopping onto the Telenor 4G bandwagon

The billboard has been a source of chuckles for tired roadsters taking a break at the junction, as Telenor cleverly made use of an opportunity in the form of a billboard placed between 2 other billboards.

Telenor’s agile response and innovative marketing strategies are always centered on the right timing and the right place which is evident from their recent hoarding.

Telenor has redefined how competition does not have to be cut throat all the time, but it can also be entertaining provided the right opportunity is grabbed at the right time

Telenor has also recently launched a new communication which is yet another treat for the eyes. The TVC featuring Osman Khalid Butt and Sohai Abro is a dialogue between a 3G user reluctant to switch to 4G and a protagonist Telenor 4G girl motivating him to upgrade to Telenor 4G.

The jingle and the visuals are really cluttering breaking and would definitely leave an impact on the intended audience – The creativity by Telenor is really commendable and we are eager to see what else they have up their sleeves.


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