Reasons behind Talat Hussain leaving Geo News?


Pakistan’s most senior anchor, Talat Hussain finally quits Geo News after the back to back issues with Geo/Jang management. He served Geo news almost for four years and was doing a prime time show during weekend with the name ‘Naya Pakistan’. He will continue doing the show till November 30, 2018.

He shared this expected news on social media:

“I will be leaving Geo. November is the last month I will be doing my show. Thank you all for watching Naya Pakistan for four eventful years. See you all soon,” he tweeted on Friday.

Pakistan’s top media website journalismpakistan says that, source says, his departure from Geo was mutually agreed upon. “It is not a sacking,” he said.

But he also pointed out that Talat’s program ratings were low because of which the management was concerned.

Talat’s differences with the Geo management surfaced in April last year when he took to Twitter to talk about the change in the editorial policy of his show.

“I try to the best of my abilities to do fair and balanced journalism. Viewers are the best judge. There was/is no reason for Naya Pakistan editorial line to change and the day Geo/Jang can’t allow space for balanced journalism there will be no reason for me to continue to appear on their platform.” (Tweet edited for clarity).

Talat was also curious about Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s decision to end the boycott of the Jang Group and his feedback was:

“I was/am NOT part of negotiations with PTI. Have NO idea what has been mutually worked out. I was/am NOT part of any negotiations with establishment. Have NO idea what has been mutually worked out. And frankly I don’t want to know. Ignorance is bliss in both these cases.”

He also had serious issues with the editorial of Jang/News for editing his columns without his consent. Talat, a big critic of PTI and Imran Khan was not happy when his articles on PMLN, Khawaja Asif and PMLN rally to welcome Nawaz Sharif were not published and he called this act as ‘Censorship’.


Talat joined Geo News in 2015 and had a long experience of working with Aaj TV, Express News, Geo News and Dawn News. ‘Poor Ratings’ always haunted Talat Hussain throughout his career as an anchor.


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