Can success of #Cokefest overcome the failure of Coke Studio Season 11?


Yesterday I made my mind to visit Cokefest for the first time and to observe the event and it’s activities from different angles. I arrived at the event at about 5pm and thanked Active Media’s Rashid Ali for the invite. I was accompanied by my family, so I would get to know their feedback about the activity as well.

Let’s start with the following:

Venue and Reach: The venue decided was Lake City, although it is far away from the main areas of Lahore but thankfully, due to the Ring Road it took me exactly 30 minutes to reach Lake city from Green city, Barki Road and without any traffic. I would request all the readers who want go to the event swiftly to use the Ring Road if accessible. When you enter Lake City, you can easily find your way to the venue as you will see ushers on all corners of the roads to guide you.

Location: Location is marvelous as it has grassy green ground and even a lake, around which all stalls are installed. Mesmerizing views were enjoyed from any corner of the venue.

Stalls: As Cokefest is a food festival, most of the stalls are from the food industry. You can name any eatery from Lahore and it would be there, even some eateries from other cities were there. There were also corporate stalls there i.e. Coca Cola, Jazz, Kashmir Banaspati, Oye Hoye, Innovative’s Digestive Biscuits, Candyland and Uber.

Coke and Jazz also had lounges for their guests to relax and enjoy music. Jazz was actively doing their JazzCash activation under patronage of Jawad Hassan. The team was supporting  customers customers as well. They even managed convinced me to open a JazzCash account in order to get 40% cash back deal for the fest, sadly I could not avail that.

Coke lounge was very well managed by their proactive bouncers and none could even dare to enter in the lounge without the approval of the management. Oye Hoye Team was also  engaging with visitors through ‘grab a Oye Hoye’ with free fall and through free sampling.

Coke was offering free drinks in their lounge. I appreciate them as they allowed us to take tea at the lounge as well.

Crowd: 90% of the crowd was consisting of families from different parts of the Lahore, from all income levels, which was made the event pure family entertainment.
I also observed some youngsters in groups who managed to enter the venue but they were well behaved, probably due to the strict security around and inside the venue.

Food: The quality of food was good but it did not match the standard of food offered at restaurants. We visited almost all the stalls and ended up at Arif Chatkhara. No doubt Arif’s food quality was much better compared to another Chinese stall we tried there. Since they do not have proper kitchens at the venue, most of the stalls brought and served pre-cooked food. Zee Grill’s BBQ was the perfect place for BBQ and the taste was exceptional. The tea from Chai Kada was also a treat my family and I enjoyed. In short you will find good food of your choice at #Cokefest, no matter the cuisine you enjoy. I would definitely recommend you to try cakes from different stalls, as all of them offer free samples too.

Music: The highlights of the night were Ibrar ul Haq and Rizwan Butt. Both got an amazing reaction from the audience and they managed to keep the crowd charged till the end of the live concert. The best aspect of the festival was the family environment, so people of all ages and genders were freely dancing to the tunes.

A commendable effort by the organizers (i.e. active media & kinetic) of Cokefest, for handling such a large crowd for three consecutive days.

Comments by Participants: 
Great family event but they must arrange or construct some washrooms at the venue. Most of the people appreciated the event and the only complaint was of ‘no washrooms’.
For such a huge event we think constructing a few temporary washrooms could give relief to the participants, especially when you have kids with you.

Personally I would deem the #Cokefest to be a success. Perhaps this will help heal the wounds caused by Coke Studios 11th season in the public’s hearts, and once again portray a positive image of the Coke brand.


Blog by: Imran Malik


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