The Surprising Way Julia Roberts Will Be Showing Off Her Legs from Now On


It’s been three years since award-winning actress Julia Roberts starred in her first campaign for Italian hosiery company Calzedonia, and since working with the brand, the self-proclaimed “bare leg” lover has learned to embrace fun, fabulous tights.

“I have always liked the look of bare legs,” Roberts told PEOPLE. “Working with Calzedonia has convinced me of the fun and value of the statement of tights.”

This fall Julia Roberts will star in her fourth campaign for the brand rocking an array of patterned tights — from leopard print to polka dots! — and stars in a new commercial shot by husband Danny Moder.


“Shooting a film together is a lot of work and time,” explained the 50-year-old actress, who’s starred in his films like Mona Lisa Smile and Secret in Their Eyes. “A commercial is a shorter schedule and that usually makes it easier and even more relaxed.”


Besides working alongside her husband, this commercial, she said, felt different than the rest.

“This one was fun for a number of reasons. They always are fun, but I really thought this story line was amusing,” Roberts said.

She added, “The best element of working with Calzedonia (besides access to the incredible tights!) is the sense of family that they bring to the table.”
When Roberts celebrated her third campaign with Caldezonia in Verona, Italy last year, the actress opened up to PEOPLE about her menswear-inspired personal style.

“I love something about the simplicity and elegance of it — and it’s modern,” she said.

Roberts continued, “[Trends are] a game I don’t have enough time to play. I have to stick with my classics.”


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