Senior Anchor Matiullah Jan gets his ‘marching’ orders after 6 years of association with Waqt News


Pakistan’s one of the most known Anchor, Journalist and Analyst quits Waqt News after a long association of 6 years, he was conducting a show by the name of ‘Apna Apna Garebaan’ on Waqt News during Primetime slot. Matiullah Jan got the attention of the people of Pakistan when he was doing a show ‘Apna Apna Gareban’ on Dawn News, in which he exposed many journalists for their misconducts as a journalist i.e. Mohammad Malick, Asma Shirazi, and Rauf Klasra. His show was stopped from airing and ultimately in reaction, he resigned from Dawn News. Surprisingly no one took notice of this unethical media activity and during those times no one raised any question upon media ‘Censorship’. No doubt Matiullah Jan is a brave and daring journalist but most of the times his personal liking disliking overcome his professional duties. Some media friends say that he thinks more from his heart than using his brain to be in the media industry. He announced about his ‘Good bye to Waqt News’ on Social media:

“Got my marching orders after 6 years of association with @Waqtnewstv . My last show @apnaapnagareban is on air NOW. I had the honor of doing my last show with Makhdoom Javed Hashmi. I thank my organization, colleagues & team for the respect and recognition I got because of them.”

Jang Group’s journalist Azaz Syed also reacted on this sudden ‘quit’:

Most upright,truthful and daring @Matiullahjan919 loses job. I am really sad and down. Where are we heading? Censorship has now started eating the jobs of journalists. Who cares ? Love you my elder brother …❤❤❤❤ 


Umar Cheema said:

Waqt TV has willfully lost @Matiullahjan919, a journalist of impeccable integrity. More we need such folks, further we try to get rid of them. Don’t know how long will this Operation RaddulTanqeed continues.


Matiullah Jan was host of an investigative/talk show 5 days a week at Waqt TV. A special correspondent for Supreme Court and legal affairs. Pioneered a first-ever investigative TV show on Dawn TV focusing on unethical and corrupt practices of Pakistan media.

Active in journalists union politics having twice contested for the presidentship of National Press Club Islamabad at the head of Jago group. Published a first-ever White Paper on illegal and fake voters memberships exposing over a thousand members in over 3300 strong National Press Club Islamabad. A Chevening Scholar with educational qualifications of Masters in International Journalism from City University, London. Won PTV National Award for best news reporting for the year 1999-2000. Also a Masters in Defense and Strategic Studies, Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad. Three and a half years of military training as a cadet in Pakistan Military Academy Kakul, Abbottabad (1986-88). Also worked with Radio Pakistan, The Frontier, NNI, PTV, Reuters TV, Dawn TV.


Team Media bites wish Matiullah Jan all good luck for all of his future endeavors!


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