PPP under investigation: With Barrister Murtaza Wahab


Lawyer Murtaza Wahab speaks to another age of millennial lawmakers who have risen on the political scene in Pakistan as of late. Wahab, son of PPP stalwart Fouzia Wahab, first gathered national consideration when he was chosen representative unopposed in August a year ago.

Following PPP’s pounding triumph in Sindh in the July 25 parliamentary race, Murtaza Wahab was drafted in Murad Ali Shah’s bureau as his counselor on law and hostile to defilement.

In an elite visit with The News International, Murtaza Wahab sheds lights on his political profession, fate of PPP’s legislative issues and additionally his interpretation of the PTI government.

“We could recognize a few questions since Form 45 weren’t passed out promptly to our surveying operators, while they were constrained out of the surveying stations also. Some poll papers were additionally recovered from a couple of voting demographics. These things have made an uncertainty that maybe they attempted to change the general population’s real command. Be that as it may, since PPP has faith in majority rule government so for framework, normally we acknowledge the outcomes and are working. Whatever complaints we have, we will take them to the decision council with the goal that the court can choose whether there were any disparities in the race or not.”

Naming Aitazaz Ahsan as Presidential applicant as opposed to uniting with Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz:

“PML-N is the one not holding hands with us. The stature of Aitzaz Ahsan, and his administrations for the just law, is before everybody. The image of alliance ought to be individuals who can talk in a bipartisan manner about all of Pakistan”


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