KFC Launches Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich


Kentucky Fried Chicken reported its most recent over-the-top, curiously large eating advancement; the Double Crispy Colonel: two additional firm hands battered fillets with mayonnaise and pickles sandwiched between two delicate buns. To observe, KFC joined forces with the World’s Strongest Man, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, to set the world record for pulling the most chicken sandwiches at one time in the arm-over-arm pull.

“I’m not apprehensive of a test, so I couldn’t state when KFC inquired as to whether I needed to endeavor to pull a monstrous measure of Double Crispy Colonel sandwiches rather than a semi-truck like I ordinarily do,” says record-setting Björnsson. “This accomplishment isn’t for the feeble nor is this burger.”
Prior this month at the debut Double Crispy Challenge, Björnsson diverted the determined power of the Double Colonel and effectively pulled a monster sled of Double Crispy Colonel sandwiches measuring in excess of 700 pounds – the most chicken sandwich at any point recorded in an arm-over-arm pull.
With this new sandwich, KFC is getting serious about its Crispy Colonel Sandwich by including a whole second filet, pressing an additional intense crunch. The Double Crispy Colonel is a similar additional fresh sandwich that lone the fricasseed chicken specialists at KFC can make — times two, with twofold the meat. Expected for the unbelievably hungry singed chicken aficionados, this sandwich is greater than the rest and worked to go up against the hungriest and most grounded of cravings.
“We propelled the Crispy Colonel Sandwich a couple of months prior and we trust it is the best chicken sandwich on the market,” includes Andrea Zahumensky, CMO, KFC U.S. “Burger places have been offering twofold burgers for a considerable length of time, however, no one has truly had a chicken sandwich like this — deserving of getting serious about — so we chose to change the additional firm fricasseed chicken amusement by making the Double Crispy Colonel. You will require the two hands for this one.”
With the dispatch of the new twofold sandwich, the obvious fresh, flaky, brilliant darker mash of KFC’s Extra Crispy chicken is presently accessible on a bun with double the chicken and is joined by the Colonel’s unique mayo and succulent pickles. KFC is likewise making the Double Crispy Colonel accessible in its three mark southern-propelled flavors: Smoky Mountain BBQ, fiery, smoky Nashville Hot, and sweet and tart Georgia Gold nectar mustard BBQ.

The Double Crispy Colonel is accessible in KFC eateries over the U.S. individually, or in a combo supper with wedges and a drink.


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