While Imran Khan is crawling nearer to end up being the Prime Minister of Pakistan, capable performer Gohar Rasheed has ventured in with an exceptional demand


The “Man mayal” on-screen character considered and asked for the remote service for Khan’s ex Jemima Goldsmith to be welcome to the pledge taking function of the recently assigned Prime Minister.

He tweeted saying that It is his unassuming solicitation to the remote service to please welcome Ms Jemima Khan as a noteworthy visitor in the pledge taking function of the new head administrator of Pakistan. He also said that we as a whole owe her an extraordinary thanks because of numerous reasons and this would be the best tribute to a true companion.

General society likewise concurred with Gohar and suspected that it was an awesome thought. Be that as it may, a few others imagined that enticing Jemima won’t  be proper as he is currently hitched to Bushra Bibi.

Jemima has dependably observed being steady of her ex, Imran Khan’s 22 long periods of political voyage. She had sent sincere welcome towards Imran Khan upon his triumph in the general decisions.


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