‘Toughest times in Jail for Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’, Shehbaz Sharif complains


Just a few days ago Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was arrested due to certain charges. The three time prime minister along with his daughter has been jailed in the Adiala Jail Rawalpindi. However, it is not long that the condition of our former president inside tje jail has been made public, particularly due to the following letter written by Shahbaz Sharrif, requesting a little betterment in an extremely adverse environment, for Nawaz Sharrif. Although, the charges on him cannot be defied not matter what, but treating three times PM if Pakistan, in such an inhumane way may not make all the heads to node in agreement. Although jails are for prisoners, but they should be a little survivable for the Criminals, what do you think?


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