Dear Pakistanis, It is not PTI vs PMLN, it’s humanity vs humanity

Keeping politics aside, to all those who are belittling their nation, and their political leaders here is something you must know.
There can be no human intervention whatsoever, in the disasters that nature brings. All those who are mocking political leader by comparing Lahore to Paris, here is how Paris was looking, just a few months ago, when a catastrophe happened there.
Even the most developed cities are not safe when it comes to such things, and our nation is still developing.
Kindly, behave like civilized human being, in this time of casualties. Because, it is not about one political party or another, it’s about our fellow human beings who are suffering, whose possessions, that they spent their whole life in collecting, are floating on water.
Why exactly, do we need a topic to fight over, on social media? Because trust me, it’s extraordinarily convenient, to sit in your master bed, with air conditioner switched on, and 40 inches LCD in front of you, complaining about how vain are our political parties are. Try asking the ones who are actually suffering, they won’t have any time to complain, all they would be concerned about will be to save themselves, and their families.
We also want to address those, who are saying, ‘wait for the rains to hit kpk’. Why? just to prove the point, that there is no leader in Pakistan who is better than the other? While the innocents and the poor suffer, and you win the last laugh?
For the love of Almighty, wake up from your slumber.
Instead of sitting in front of a TV screen, and mocking waves of laughter, face your palm towards the heavens, and pray for the sufferers, if you can’t do anything else.


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