Can the construction of Bhasha and Mohmand Dam solve water crisis in Pakistan?


The Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered on Wednesday the immediate construction of Bhasha and Mohmand Dam.

The SC under Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar heard a case related to scarcity of water and construction of new dams.

In the court order, it was said that the water resources are pertinent not only for human lives but for the country’s stability.

It further said that the Council of Common Interest did not express any reservation against Bhasha and Mohmand Dam.

“How much water are we wasting?” the CJP, during the hearing, remarked.

The ministry of power and water responded  that water worth millions of dollars is being wasted, adding that in one year 90 million acre-feet water is wasted.

He said that after Tarbella, a new dam should be built every ten years.

According to the ministry of power and water, one million acre-feet water costs $500 million.

During the hearing, the CJP asked why the government does not want dams to be built, to which the officials of the ministry responded that the underlying issue is that it isn’t the government’s priority.

Earlier today, PPP chairman Bilawal in his address had said that the judiciary is not involved in the construction of dams anywhere in the world.

“The construction of dams is the responsibility of governments,” the PPP chairman said while addressing a press conference at Zardari House in Nawabshah.

On Juen 30, the CJP had remarked that a consensus was developed for the immediate construction of two new dams in view of the chronic water crisis in the country.

CJP Justice Saqib Nisar made the remarks while hearing a suo motu case related to Rs54 billion worth of loan waivers carried out by 222 individuals and companies.

The top judge observed that the consensus was developed during a key meeting with experts and various stakeholders earlier this week. The amount recovered from the defaulters will be used to construct two new dams immediately, the CJP had remarked.

During previous hearings on the prevailing water crisis in the country, CJP Nisar had observed that construction of dams was imperative for Pakistan’s survival, and had inquired about the measures being taken to resolve the water issue.


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