BREAKING: SANSO Is Coming To Pakistan


SANSO Technologies the makers of “Sanso Mobile”, an EU based Smartphone maker is all set to penetrate into Pakistan’s Smartphone Industry with their unique Smartphone technology and attractive designs to cater the needs of the market and users from young age to an executive class. As, SANSO is known as one of the major players in EU in Smartphone R&D and Manufacturing Industry due to its immense technology innovation in display and security of Smartphones and its data and features in Smartphones.

SANSO is confident to serve a new age of users with the new style but as well as by keeping its LEGACY up with secure, technology defined cutting edge sleek attractive designs with user desired functionalities of dual, and quad cameras with numerous modes of Panorama, SLR, HDR, Bokeh, Beauty and Many more powered by 4K camera and 4K, HD, FHD resolution(s), AI based with 18:9 baseless and edge to edge screen to body ratio, true full view screen respectively in their mobiles.



After securing a strong place in EU and GCC markets and good tie ups in USA, Indian and Bangladesh Markets with numerous nominations and award winning on design and technology invention by Asian Mobile Awards and GCC officials, now focusing on stepping in Pakistan with its Flagship and Midrange of Smartphone(s) to expand its LEGACY with Pakistani Smartphone lovers and plans to do this in Sept-Oct 2018 via its own brand outlets and online store and third party channels etc to reach out to max users and serve them with the best smartphones.

SANSO is equipped with very first of its kind world’s newest glass free 3D technology to enable its user to experience a real time naked eye 3D view experience and capturing/shooting, switching of videos and images and games from a normal 2D mode into 3D mode to enjoy a new world of mobile experience in 3D without any 3D glasses wearing.

SANSO does not stop here, its vision and approach is to take technology to everyone without any hassles with innovation and security. So, besides this invention of Glass-free 3D viewing Smartphone also they have done some innovative incredible job in DATA AND DEVICE SECURITY to ensure that SANSO MOBILE becomes the first user choice in terms of security and technology and Class.

SANSO Mobile is coming with its own full disk encryption and crypto H-SPU technology that your SANSO MOBILE will act as your GUARD of DATA & Mobile as well to prevent any unknown entry/unlocking/penetration, so in case of any theft or any unwanted access, SANSO MOBILE itself with its H-SPU will encrypt and backup all of your personal and other data on its H-CLOUD in your folder (which you make while first time registering with SANSO CLOUD) and self erase the data from the mobile. This can be retrieved back as well on your new SANSO MOBILE securely and encrypted. Its mouth-watering by the way.

Isn’t it great, that in this time of competition in Smartphone industry where companies only care about their profits only and poor mobile security, there is some serious user caring Smartphone company (i.e SANSO) who has invented something to serve and secure its users from any unwanted awkward situation and are there to deal with it and not only focusing on its profit but also at user’s profits as well with proven milestones now ready to serve Pakistani Smartphone users.
If Innovation has to be done in technology of Smartphone, it should be for the ease and benefits of its users like SANSO is doing and believes & delivering it since years and also other known companies and brands are taking OEM service from SANSO on this 3D display and Security technology which is a good sign for users.

So, Gear up and get ready for the new face of Legacy and switch to SANSO Mobile to experience the revolution of the Smartphone technology and enjoy a secure cutting edge designed mobile in your palm i.e SANSO MOBILE and that’s not the end, whatsoever, to explore it even more, just give this perfect piece of ary, a try and find out more on all of

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