TV Channels once rescued by Midas’s Inam Akbar now doing Prime Time shows against him?


Recently, almost all of top news channels have started to run programs against Chairman of Midas,  Mr. Inam Akbar, who came to Lahore on payroll to attend wedding of his beloved daughter, for three days on permission of caretaker CM sindh. However, the remarks going on about him on media shows as if no bigger felony was ever committed by an advertisment gaint.

With accordance to the reports provided, court has accused Inam Akbar in the Rs5.76 billion corruption reference over embezzlement in the Sindh information department along with Ex-information minister Sharjeel Memon.

There is no doubt in the fact that the case is huge and still in court, however, the way channels are depicting  role of the man, is arguable. Inam AKbar’s Midas Advertising has a history of awarding Mammoth Advertising budgets to News channels. It has made many TV florish, who were on their verge of extinction.

Top media associations APNS & .CPNE has shown their moral support to Inam Akbar by giving print ads in major publications.


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