President Mamnoon Hussain got criticized for having granddaughter’s wedding in Governor House, Karachi

It was reported that President Mamnoon Hussain’s granddaughter, Huda Adnan is getting married at Governor House, Karachi, and people cannot stop criticizing and condemning this act.
Huda Adnan was announced to get tied with Ahmad Fareeduddin, on 24 of June, at the Governor House, Karachi, and ultimately, transforming such a reputable and honorable place it into a wedding hall.
In addition to booking the wedding at Governor’s House, President Mamnoon Hussain also got the wedding cards printed with government officials.
It costs Rs 10 to 15 lacs to arrange an event at Governor House’s VVIP lawn.
After this, it would not be entirely wrong to say that If we somehow got hold of space stations, in coming years, we would probably not hesitate or give a second thought about hosting a wedding reception there too. What is your opinion about this gullible act by a reputable personality?


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