India, by defeating Afghanistan and Syria, became the most unsafe country for a woman

According to a recent study, India is declared as a country ‘Most dangerous for women’, because of its growing rape-culture, patriarchal activities, and other inhumane traditions, including forced slavery.
One after the other, extremely brutal, inhumane and horrendous sexual crimes, happening in India, have often captured the eye of international media. These cases have given rise to a well-woven argument with regards to the safety of women, and patriarchal practices, in India.
Although, such stories have managed to persuade Indian Government to get rid of their leniencies for the ones who are guilty of committing these crimes, and to take more effective measures for the protection of women safety, in every place.
However, there was no apparent change as a consequence of these measures. On the contrary, it was revealed by a recent poll (conducted by Thomas Reuters Foundation), that India is the most dangerous country to host a woman because of the probability that she’ll become the next sexual violence or slave labor victim, is exceptionally high.
The result of this poll was based on a survey, consisting of 550 women issues expert, all across the world. The experts were asked to take into consideration the parameters like sexual and non-sexual violence, human trafficking, cultural traditions, and discrimination.
To their utmost embarrassment, India came out as the worst place for a woman, due to an astonishing high-risk of being sexually assaulted, along with human trafficking for domestic work, forced labor, forced marriage, and even sexual slavery.
Seven years ago, in the same survey, India came fourth on the list, as a country most dangerous for a woman. This time, however, it emerged worse than war countries like Afghanistan, and Syria.
India was also the most dangerous country in the world for backward cultural practices that impact women, the survey said, such practices include genital mutilation, acid attacks, and child marriages.
Now if you are a woman, and planning to travel to India, a suggestion from your well-wishers will be to think again and go to Syria or Afghanistan, instead.


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