ELECTIONS: Minors being used for election campaigns: Is it even ethical?

Offspring of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) pioneer Qamarul Islam on Wednesday presented father’s gathering ticket for NA-59 and PP-10 to the returning officers of their voting demographics.
Qamarul Islam, who has been as of late captured by NAB over the Saaf Paani embarrassment, was set to challenge races against previous inside clergyman Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. Qamar’s 12-year-old child Salarul Islam, and 15-year-old little girl Uswa Islam presented the gathering candidature for their dad in the nearness of an expansive social event at local courts.
The PML-N supporters continued droning mottos against the capture of Qamar. The youngsters were likewise joined by their uncle, Faisal Islam, Qamar’s sibling.
The squad initially submitted party ticket for NA-59 to the returning officer Asim Hafeez, an area and sessions judge in Rawalpindi, and after that went to Shabrez Akhtar, the common judge conveyed as the returning officer for PP-10.
After the accommodation, the youngsters told the media that the capture by the counter unite body was an endeavor to keep their dad out of the races. “It is a demonstration of vengeance on our dad and an endeavor to take our command,” the 12-year-old kept up, “We will obstruct this intrigue with every single accessible mean. I will lead the race crusade for my dad with help from my sister and my uncle.”
Salar said thanks to the several PML-N supporters who had gone along with him amid the accommodation of tickets, saying that the colossal number of PML-N supporters had revived their spirits and gave them seek after a fruitful race crusade. “Those behind the capture of Qamarul Islam should realize that their odious intentions won’t emerge,” he stated, trusting that PML-N will win decisions on the two seats and will credit the triumph to Nawaz Sharif.


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