Did the ban on bollywood movie just fell in favor of Pakistan’s film industry?


Just before eid, in an attempt to promote lollywood on Eid, The ministry of information
, along with Broadcasting, National History, and literary Heritage, put ban on screening of any Bollywood movie during Eid.

Turns out, the ban has totally fell in the favor of Pakistani Films. The three movies, that were released on Eid managed to break records on their openings.

A total of four films were released on Eid. Among these, three were Pakistani and one was Hollywood. Among these tremendously successful Pakistani movies were: ‘7 din mohabbat in, ‘wajood’, and ‘Azaadi’.

7 Din Mohabbat In

The film, starring Mahira Khan in lead role, recieved a mixture of views from everyone, yet it made a record breaking opening, with a collection of 1.5 crore on first day, followed by 2 core, and a total of 3.5 crores, on the second day.


Although Moammar Rana’s return to Lollywood proved counterproductive among its viewer, when Azaadi’s first trailer was released few months ago.
However, the movie still managed to make 2.5 crores on Eid alone.


This movie, directed by Javed Sheikh, managed to earn the least with comparison to the other two. The movie only made 50 lakhs on the first day, and approximately 1.2 crores on the second day.

In spite of all this, Lollywood made quite a comeback this eid, with the ban on Bollywood films, assisting it in it’s triumph.


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