Viral Video, What We need to Learn


A video getting viral on social media today, In which man is expressing his feelings regarding family issues. Video was made without the consent of person in the video as it seems so, which we condemn. Purpose of mentioning this video is that our society has given up their family values. We do not respect our relations. Divorces and separations have become norm of our society, many of them are due to joint family issues.

Here is the link of the Viral Video:

Tongue” thou a small muscle but performance is quite higher than its size. In relations tongue works like scissor, if its not under control it will cut your relations apart. If individual have control over their speech many family issues can be avoided. Our Prophet SAW called tongue as core of our morality and virtue. We need to educate our children well regarding this.


In video, man mentions “Budi fir nai laab de”. Truth is husband and wife is the best relation in this world and here after. All other relations are given by birth and by blood but only relation you create your self is husband and wife. After this life only relation that will continue in after life is husband and wife, so it is finest relation. Its our obligation respect our partner and protect their views. Parents should also understand the situation and give space to flourish their relation.


May Allah grant us better understanding.


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