Trump’s Fantasy to Attack Iran


This week President Trump choose to defy the entire world, including its European allies and raising tensions in already unstable part of the world.

No clear motive can be seen in Trump’s decision to withdraw from Iran’s nuclear deal. If Iran is as dangerous as US and Israel says, it best to have its nuclear program frozen at pre military level and monitored. If they consider that they will be able to make Iran agree on more stringent terms, that is not possible. If same terms are applied to North Korea, chances of acceptance are close to zero because that will put end to the fruits of decades of efforts.

United States have long campaigned for regime change in Iran and argued the best approach to tackle Iran is combination of sanctions, support to opposition groups and military intervention. National security adviser John Bolton has been more forceful for regime change and advocating much greater support for the Mujahideen-e-Khalq(MEK), a militant group with dark past and little support inside Iran, or in other words new branch of ISIS to tackle Iran regime. It is their absolute commitment to change its Islamic regime before it celebrates 40th birthday in 2019. Three allies US, Saudi Arabia and Israel shares one motive to turn Iran into rubble like Syria.


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