Ronaldinho to marry two at once in Rio de Janeiro


Previous Brazil and international player Ronaldinho is to “wed” his two girlfriends, it has been reported.

The 38-year-old football star wanted to get married with Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza, both 30, in August, as per columnist Le Dias, from Brazil’s O Dia daily paper.

Be that as it may, the former Barcelona player’s sister won’t be there, Dias stated, on the grounds that she doesn’t concur with his way of life.

Ronaldinho, who is said to have given the two ladies engagement rings in January, clearly as of now lives with them.

The function, at their £5m home in Rio Janeiro, is said to be for close family as it were. Plural marriage is deserving of up to six years in jail in Brazil.
It is thought improbable that the ‘weddings’ will be authoritatively enlisted, be that as it may. Ronaldinho is said to have begun dating Ms Beatriz in 2016, quite a while after he met Ms Priscilla.


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