Free Rides in Future Transportation Tunnels


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink founded another company by end 2016 The Boring Company. Musk is known for his out of box concepts, The Boring Co., was made with idea to move daily road transportation underground. You can take your vehicle including cycle below ground and transported to your destination by skate.

The Boring company’s first tunnel is complete and they are offering free rides in their electric tunnels. Elon Musk in his instagram post on May,10 announced about these free tours in future tunnel transportation. These free rides will start in next few months.

Currently The Boring Company, has constructed 2 mile tunnel in Hawthrone, California. It is proof of concept presented by Musk to elaborate tunnel operations. Tunnels will transport passengers and vehicles on autonomous electric skates that will travel at speed ranging between 125MPH to 150MPH. These autonomous skates will prioritize pedestrians and cyclists. Cost of these travels in daily life will be cheaper than bus tickets.

Future way of commute.


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