Another Entry to News Channels List


Hum network ready launch its news channel today, will start its transmission from 6 pm. 9 months ago August 14, 2017 Hum announced to start news channel. After a long wait for hum follower today is the day.

President Hum Network Sultana Siddiqui says it will address problems of society and portray true image of Pakistan. Represent positive picture of beautiful Pakistan to the world, will play the vital role in youth empowerment.

Hum is considered as premium entertainment channel of Pakistan but Hum news structure is not up to the mark. As per existing employees of hum and new hires for news rates Hum news as second tier channel as compared to other news channels. Hum should have moved ahead in entertainment media rather jumping news sector, should have focused on Hum Sitaray instead. During last decade we have many new channels in Pakistan mostly related to news, we lack in the entertainment sector. As Hum being a major player in the entertainment industry of Pakistan they should have move up same ladder.

Now let’s see will Hum News uphold the name of Hum Network.


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