This Pakistani Cooking Recipes Website facilitates House Wives


SooperChef, the largest digital food network devoted to cooking has dominated the internet for almost a year as it was launched in 2017. This Pakistani Cooking Recipes Website offers hundreds of recipes for Pakistani house wives for its convenience, both in English and Urdu language for the comfort of its audience. The website is accessed all across the country by the majority of housewives and also has an audience from overseas.

The website is all about the common knowledge, information and recipes on variety of dishes and how to cook them. Either it is Pakistani recipes, Chinese Recipes, Continental Recipes, Sweets & Desserts, you can watch 1-minute instant cooking video of your favorite dish and learn about how to cook them. Moreover, it also offers Android&iOS apps for the convenience of its users and vibrant recipes and collection of dishes followed by global trend in cooking development all across the globe. It has a distinctive and easiest catalogue for serving housewives’ convenience that includes a wide range of delectable dishes.

When a visitor comes to the homepage and selects any type of desired recipe on the website, she can get the detailed information about lists of dishes, followed by 1-minute instant cooking video, ingredients, method of cooking, timings to get prepared and info about servings as well. The homepage itself is so appealing that it tempts the viewer to get indulged with the variety of national and international dishes. Through homepage, visitors can even communicate their knowledge and views among each other and acquire some wide-ranging cooking ideas in the comments section.

This unique website is tailored for the comfort of viewers both in Urdu and English language and uses common ingredients such as meat, veggies, fish and much more, which – in Pakistan are easily available in any nearby grocery or utility store. As the internet penetration in the country has created new horizons and vistas to make this country in the list of developed nations, this website remains easily accessible to the audience of Pakistan and overseas as well.

In fact, this website has proven itself to be the largest and complete digital food network in such a short span of time and has gone viral, surpassing all the records of launching expectations among all the social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. The number of unique and regular website visitors is on a sky-high surge nowadays, the majority of them being housewives, the owner of the Digital Food Network “SooperChef” said.

The website offers information and instant cooking videos about national and foreign cuisines with a variety of cooking methods from well-esteemed chefs on the panel of SooperChef. The viewers’ response is overwhelming for the most favorite digital food network. Nowadays, this classic foodie network is rapidly progressing towards expansion and implemented new ideas for the comfort of the audience, such as, SweetsBnB, SooperChef Junior, and these two are also turning out to be a massive hit due to overwhelming response of the viewers.

“I had to read cookbooks when it comes to make some special dish but now I can easily get all my cooking needs covered through and learnt a lot of cooking recipes and techniques,” a viewer expressed its thoughts.

“Just big wow! You guys nailed it! Great app with large number of recipes and easy to understand videos.indeed !!!,” says Farhan Malik.

“It’s lovely and yummy. I like these videos especially fish fry,” SobiaArshad said.

“Super job. Doing their best to serve people and also those who does not know about cooking. The app gives us new recipes and it’s even better to have a full kitchen in our mobile. thankew guys,” says ZeshanHaider. is Pakistan’s first ever and number one online food and recipe website, a position company aims to maintain in the future. The business not only has achieved a viral scale in such a short time span, but also has gathered massive audience that is highly engaged with the website, mobile apps and social media pages.


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