Pakistan TV Industry – Analysis & Comparison of News, Entertainment and Sports Channels


There has been a cumulative investment of approximately US $4 billion in the electronic media industry in Pakistan. According to official estimates, electronic media sector has generated direct employment for more than 250,000 people of diversified skills and qualifications.
Rapid development and advancement of electronic media in Pakistan has not only brought a revolution in information and news industry but it has also stirred concerns about the projection of the nation’s image. Media projects a nation’s image when it gives greater coverage of sensitive issues concerning the national security and integration.

With the state owned Pakistan Television Corporation to mainly telecast concerning matters of national and international interests, guided by the cardinal principles of educating viewers about the values that are vitally important in building a united, integrated and disciplined society. We have observed mushroom growth of private TV channels, newspapers and FM channels not only opened new venues for entertainment of the people but also influenced their opinion about certain issues.
New technologies are currently contributing to a transformation in the entire Pakistan media landscape, the media had never enjoyed the freedom, it has been enjoying for the last five years. Media is regarded as fourth pillar of a democratic state and hence it should be more responsible in its key functions of imparting information and coverage of news events.

Media Logic Pakistan is the only Overnight TAM Provider in Pakistan. In 2006 Pakistan Advertisers Society conducted a pitch to launch Peoplemeter based TAM services in Pakistan. Medialogic was awarded this project in affiliation with GfK with coverage of 3 metropolitan cities and a panel size of 500. After 10 years, Medialogic is still the only overnight TAM (TV Audience Measurement) data provider in Pakistan.
Endorsed by the Joint Industry Committee BAC, the panel is now expanded to 1,800 households and more than 40 cities. In 2014 Medialogic became an affiliate of Kantar Media, a WPP company. The panel is now based on latest Audio matching Peoplemeter technology (Rapid meters and 5000 Series Meters) and client end software INSTAR.
As per Media Logic Annual Report 2017 following is the comparison of Pakistan Broadcast Industry’s overall Performance including News, Entertainment, Sports, Music & Film Industry for the Year 2016/2017.



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