MOST EXPENSIVE CAMPAIGN: Shah Rukh Khan #Bemyguest Sequel With Dubai Tourism


The #BeMyGuest campaign by the King of Bollywood last year had made the tourism video viral in United Arab Emirates as well as globally. This year Shah Rukh Khan fans are treated with a remake of the Youtube hit video as we watch him explore Dubai in style. Some sources claim that Shahrukh Khan charged Rs.30 crores to do the Advertisement below.

Global Icon of Inspiration

Truly, nobody can resist the Bollywood king when he went around making surprise appearances in the common daily activities by Dubai residents and visitors. Everyone was taken aback by the iconic Shah Rukh Khan acting as a waiter, jogger, retail assistant and many more roles around Dubai.

The great reception by the public inspired Dubai Tourism to film a sequal to the video creating a first-time collaboration between our main star and Bollywood director Kabir Khan as Shah Rukh Khan explores the city in four different characters and live through their experiences with warmth and style as he mingles with people across the ages and activities that cater to everyone’s needs and wants.

The Unexplored Possibilities

#BeMyGuest 2 invites audiences across beautiful destinations and the city’s landmarks at places like Dubai Aquarium, Dubai Fountain, The Palace Downtown Dubai as well as LEGOLAND® Dubai and Bollywood Parks™ Dubai in making dreams and desires to come true. The series shot Shah Rukh Khan exploring his second home in such confidence while promoting the city’s offerings and inspiring people whether in making new memories or rekindle the nostalgia in Dubai.

He  stayed at Burj Al-Arab Royal Suite and traveled in private jet from Mumbai to Dubai. Wardrobe cost was US$25000.

The concept and idea was that of Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid’s (Ruler of Dubai) wife Queen Rania.


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