I am loyal to ‘Kinley & Me’, why would i switch to ‘Dasani & you’


Since last few days Lahore is painted with Coca Cola Pakistan’s new water brand Dasani. Almost all hoardings in Lahore have creatives of Dasani with punchline ‘Dasani & you’ / ‘Dasani & Me’ and even streamers on all key roads of Lahore have impressive creatives of Dasani.

In Pakistan; we have the following key water brands i.e. Nestle Purelife, Pepsi Cola’s Aqua Fina, Coca Cola’s Kinley, Qarshi’s Springley and Hashoo group’s Sparklets. Nestle PureLife,  Pepsi’s Aquafina and Qarshi’s Springley enjoy the good market share but Coca Cola’s Kinley was always a neglected brand as we never saw any solid advertising strategy and campaign for Kinley. But i really always preferred Kinley over other brands due to its taste. I still own Kiney as my best brand feel proud to say ‘Kinley & Me’.

‘Dasani’ is second water brand by Coca Cola Pakistan and the question is why second water brand by a MNC if they already have a water brand named, Kinley.

Some questions from the brand team of Dasani…
  • What’s the USP of Dasani?
  • Was Kinley a failure that you had to launch Dasani?
  • Will you continue production of Kinley?
  • Is the source of water for Dasani same as Kinley?
  • Why Kinley was a neglected brand?
Hopefully will get answers of the above mentioned questions by the brand team of Dasani.
Anyway, wish you all goodluck for this mega launch of Dasani.


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