Computers are a necessity, but how can we make them cost effective?


The computer has been around since the 1950s it was originally designed in a complex manner and was only capable of being used by patent geniuses, however, over the years just like all technologies the computer also witnessed an evolution, by the 1960’s the computer had become common in large industries and particularly in space programs. Another major happening occurred  In 1965, this was the year the integrated circuit (IC) had been invented what this meant  was that as of now all the circuits of the computer can now fit into one silicon chip which measured just 3mm square, computers begun becoming a household name due to their compactable size at the same time powerful and able to hold storage and memory simultaunously they became slightly cheaper as compared to before, by now the computer had become more tangible to a larger audience as they were smaller, cheaper and faster.

The computer software had also become more user friendly, the computer now allowed multi tasking and sharing programs and programming languages were involved.

The great big invention came in the year 1980 when IBM and Apple joined hands to launch the first generatation Macintosh, the sales of which immediately soared through the roof.

By the 1980s the computer had initiated reaching the household, although it was still an expensive technology only the most privileged could afford one.

Networked computer became common in 1994, they were now fast processing devices and were available much cheaper compared to the earlier years, the size had reduced even further. By 2008 a single chip could hold more than one processor, they could now integrate Microsoft Office and Mac os X, laptops and personal computers were now part of every household. Slow and steady technology became integrated in the education curriculum and today a household with a computer is rare. However, this has been beneficial for some, such as Microsoft that provide a necessary service for a cost. Windows is a necessity and the providers of windows are aware of this. No school assignment is accepted unless it is in Word, presentations need to be on PowerPoint, data needs to be in Excel. Windows has become a need rather than a choice. It is an essential but Microsft comes with a price that sometimes cannot be affordable.

Can’t afford Microsoft Office? No problem! The advancement of technology has a solution for all of you that wish to defy the law of having to purchase  Microsoft Office, the solution to your problems is called the . . . Windows 10 Activator. The windows 10 activator gives you access to the following services: Microsoft account, Office 365, Bing, maps and One drive and do you know what’s the best feature? It costs you nothing!

The tool is already being used widely, particularly by students in USA and UK who otherwise have to pay a monthly subscription for their windows. It can successfully activate almost all the versions of Microsoft, it is fast and works within seconds, how it works is it emaculates the KMS server on to the user device and replaces the key that has been installed with an authentic key instead thus providing you with free access to Windows, that’s why it’s called a Windows 10 activator. KMS means Key Management Service and this is the key that emaculates the service.

The downloading process is easy and fast and once activated it will immediately allow the user to enjoy the functionalities the program has to offer, so if you are a student quit using unlicensed Windows or stop paying for subscriptions. Head to KMS Official Website and download the windows 10 activator, you can thank me later.


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