Two Things Sell The Most In Pakistan, Religion And Indian Movies


Bring the name of Allah SWT into your political speeches, publish your picture while praying NAMAAZ, have television coverage going to DATA DARBAR or Sehwan In Sindh. Stand in the front row and read the NAMAAZ E JANAAZA of some prominent figure or a bomb blast victim and have pictures taken. Compare your political struggle to the struggles of Prophet Muhammad SAWS’s daughter. Do migration to a new country for a job and compare that migration with the migration of the Prophet SAWS which was done by Allah’s order to save Islam.

Whatever chance you get, make sure that you inject religion to gain votes and political points. Two things sell in Pakistan the easiest, indian movies and religious sentiments. And both we claim to hate.

Islam has become such a convenience for the masses that you can grow a beard, have a Tasbeeh in your hands and you can sell Chinese products claiming that they are from heaven and people would say, KITNA NAIK AADMI LAGTA HAI JHOOT KIYUN BOLAYGA.

Until the day comes in our lives where we look at the great religion of ours as a matter between ME & ALLAH, until the day comes when we stop being impressed by the get up of a person and start to evaluate his character. Until the time when we teach our children to follow Islam more in practicality talk less about it in theory, until we demand from our leaders no matter whom they are to stop comparing their deeds with the deeds of OUR RELIGIOUS figures. We will not move ahead.

Islam lives in our hearts. In our souls. In our mind. It’s about time it starts to live in our characters and dies in our political speeches.


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