Jim Carrey unveils painting of Donald Trump as Wicked Witch of the West


Jim Carrey has unveiled a portrait depicting Donald Trump as the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz.

Alongside the image, the actor tweeted: “If you like my last cartoon you may also enjoy… ‘The wicked witch of the West Wing and Putin’s flying monkeys’.”

The Dumb and Dumber star’s image shows the US President with green-tinged skin and a witches hat the same colour as the Republican party’s colours. He also has long pink fingernails.

It nonetheless sparked an immediate backlash, as critics called the painting was “unflattering”, “insulting”, and “disgraceful”.

Twitter users accused Carrey, who has almost 18 million followers on the site, of “shaming” Ms Sanders.

Others took aim at his use of the term Christian.

Some however, heaped praise on the portrait, arguing it looked no different from a political cartoon you might find in a newspaper.

A six-minute film about the actor’s artworks went viral and garnered millions of views last year.

I Needed Color saw the actor revel his paintings at his studio in downtown New York.

“I think what makes someone an artist is they make models of their inner life,” Carrey said in the film. “They make something come into physical being that is inspired by their emotions or their needs or what they feel the audience needs.”

He explained that he began painting six years ago to “heal a broken heart” after splitting with actor Jenny McCarthy in 2010.


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