BIG MILESTONE: Ahsen Idrees CEO Blitz on success of PSL3


Time flies and life goes on. Those who believe in taking risks, while putting their faith in the Almighty and setting new benchmarks, would be remembered in the annals of history as pioneers, brave hearts and trendsetters. Nothing is impossible if you have the guts, grit & determination to challenge the industry norms and set new standards.

Just three years ago, braving all odds, #NajamSethi assumed this arduous task of organizing the Pakistan Super League (#PSL). People were skeptic about it in the beginning, and even had a good laugh at the very idea. But there were a few who had this unwavering faith in his stewardship and his brilliant team lead by Naila Bhatti & Sohaib Sheikh, that they would be able to create such a Monster Brand called #PSL for a country which was hit hard with terror attacks, uncertainty and a long-felt absence of International cricket.

#Blitz is proud to have brought in the experience of digital live streaming with the number of eyeballs never delivered previously for any cricketing event. We’ve enjoyed the privilege of accumulating the highest ratings, even bigger than a Pak vs India ICC Champions Trophy final. We’ve done virtual advertising for novelty-seeking brands and a baby step, by setting up #CricketJunoonis, the first official fan club of Pakistan Cricket, taking people across the shores wherever Pakistan is playing.

Thank you Sethi Sb, the entire #PCB Team, our JV Partners #Transmedia & #ITW and in the last but not the least my team who gave me that confidence to take this bold initiative and proves no one can fail if one has the capability, the passion and the virtue of doing hard work like you.


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