Well Deserved: PTI awards Senate ticket to young, energetic and dedicated worker Faisal Javed Khan


In a surprise move PTI awards the Senate ticket to 37-year-old Faisal Javed Khan, a hardworking, committed and dedicated worker of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) belonging to a middle-class family of Swabi, KPK. Faisal Javed, an Advertising and media professional, started his political career in 1996 and rose up the ranks within the party over the years and is known as Voice of PTI. While speaking to his followers of social media, excited Faisal Javed Khan said:

I am overwhelmed and deeply humbled by Imran Khan’s confidence and trust that he has bestowed upon me. This can only happen in PTI where a simple worker who belongs to a middle class family has been given the senate ticket Alhamdulillah. My past, present and future is PTI where I am determined to contribute as a soldier of Imran Khan’s team for making this country corruption free and help the poorest of the poor.InshALLH together we will make Naya Pakistan. I need prayers from our well-wishers for the success which is the success of the entire youth of the country who needs nothing for themselves but only for the betterment of our “Dharti” and its “Aam Laug”.

I was a kid when I joined the party and after my maiden speech in 1996 it was so encouraging and motivating to hear my name from Imran Khan saying young people like Faisal should come forward and help Imran Khan change the fate of this country. I salute Khan’s determination and his unprecedented struggle against corruption only for the people of Pakistan – which is taking all of us Pakistanis to a great destination. Manzil QareebHai Pakistan. Long live Imran Khan, Long live Pakistan.

Thank you! May ALLAH be with us..

How did social media react on this Achievement:


Mediabites Editorial – Imran Malik


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