Google’s doodle celebrates Pyeongchang Winter Olympics


To commemorate the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Google has been releasing doodles for the games for the last four days.

Today’s doodle is on skiing. It features cute animals taking part in the Games. “Right out of the gate, the snowboarders carve through the pow’. Elephant leads the herd off the first jump with Bear tailing, a surprise contender considering the boarder woke from a months-long nap just this morning! Cat has clawed into third position with Armadillo shelling out sick moves just behind. Flying Squirrel catches air, gliding just past Penguin, who slides into the sixth position. Can Elephant extend a small advantage into a mammoth lead?” reads Google’s doodle blog entry.

Yesterday’s doodle featured a polar bear in camouflage.

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